Android POS Billing Machine

Android POS machine is the latest point of sale (POS) device that combines barcode scanner, receipt printer and card swipe or insert into one portable robust device. It enables customers to order and pay for products via the digital menu.

It can record membership consumption habits and preferences so that a business can carry out precision marketing and member management. It also supports mobile price adjustment, inventory tracking and commodity inquiry.
Mobile Ordering

Android POS billing machines provide the flexibility of mobile ordering capabilities that can boost customer experience, increase sales, and improve efficiency. With the right software, handheld POS machines can help businesses create customer profiles and offer special discounts to recurring customers.

Moreover, an Android POS machine can help staff monitor inventory levels and analyze sales trends, providing real-time business insights and improving operational efficiency. It can also be used to track and manage orders, inventory, vouchers, customer data, and employee information.

Android POS solutions offer regular software updates that can be implemented without any disruptions to your operations. This allows you to deliver a faster checkout process and more personalized shopping experience for your customers. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers and device sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your business.
Queuing System

The android POS billing machine comes with a queueing system to improve customer experience. This allows employees to take orders on the go and help customers with their queries. It also has a powerful data management system to help businesses learn about their customers and make better decisions.

It offers a range of other features, including mobile price adjustment, inventory tracking, commodityinquiry, member card opening and price tag printing. The device can even be used as a security camera to monitor store operations.

The android POS machine also has a built-in thermal printer for easy and quick printing. Its open system ensures that updates are quick and hassle-free, and cause minimal disruption to the business. It is also a good option for kiosk systems and can be customized to suit individual needs.
Hard Decoding

Android POS machines have flexible hardware sizes, allowing businesses to select devices that perfectly align with their unique business needs. In addition, their open system allows for quick and easy updates without affecting the device’s operation.

The Android POS machine supports a wide range of payment methods and can be used at restaurants, bars, food trucks, etc. Besides mobile payment, it can also support offline card swiping and QR code scanning. It can also help merchants optimize their operation management, improve user experience and expand marketing channels. Moreover, the device has a built-in thermal printer with a metal paper cutter for convenientpaper changing and extended service life. It can also provide a high-speed printing speed of 80mm/s.
NFC Function

Android POS systems offer all the benefits of traditional cash registers but in a compact, portable format. They allow users to process payments quickly, standardize billing processes and improve data management.

Besides the traditional payment methods, a good Android POS machine also supports NFC function. This helps businesses to build more interactive and meaningful relationships with customers through the mobile app.

In terms of the NFC function capabilities, it is important to pay attention to the device’s scanning speed and accuracy. This is because the code scanning technology directly affects the customer’s consumption experience. The more accurate the scanning performance, the better it is. Then, the device’s large battery capacity, fast charging or effective standby battery is another key consideration. Telpo M1 is one such device.
Stable Network Communication

The Android POS machine has strong communication capabilities that allow it to flexibly connect to different communication ways, and can proactively present and offer a substitute solution when one communication way is weak. This provides a more convenient and stable service experience for customers. The Android POS machine’s hard decoding function helps to quickly and accurately recognize all types of barcodes, thereby enabling users to redeem their vouchers, validate theirgroup-buying validation, and inquire about consumption information.

Designed with Smartphone-like features, Android SmartPOS devices are rapidly replacing legacy POS terminals across the merchant acquiring industry. They deliver new revenue opportunities for acquirers & ISOs and improve consumer purchase experiences through advanced value-added services, typically delivered via appstore-like features in the privately-operated PAXSTORE platform. These services also make the POS devices easier to manage for store employees and central office teams, resulting in lower operational costs.

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