Caregiver Agency Hiring Tips

Caregivers work for home care agencies to support their clients with activities of daily living, and to provide emotional and social engagement. Caregivers are typically employed in high stress jobs with demanding schedules.

A strong caregiver job description with a one-click application process on your website will make it easy for your agency to attract and hire the right applicants.

  1. Tracking Your Hiring Velocity

While a well-crafted hiring funnel is key to caregiver recruitment success, your agency’s hiring velocity is an equally important metric. If it takes too long from when you receive a caregiver’s application to when they are scheduled for their first shift, they may accept another job offer and your agency will lose out on both time and money.

To speed up your hiring process, consider implementing applicant tracking system software. This technology will help your agency manage the entire recruiting pipeline from end to end. This includes posting a job ad, screening candidates and completing new hire paperwork simultaneously, which reduces the amount of time it takes for your caregivers to start their jobs.

Remember that the average caregiver makes only $14,000 a year and many live paycheck to paycheck. The last thing you want is for them to leave your agency because of a slow or inconvenient paperwork process or unresolved issues with their background check.

  1. Tracking Your Applicants’ Sources

Recruiting caregivers is an ongoing process that requires time, effort and planning. Getting this right will ensure you have the caregiving team you need to keep your clients safe and well.

Defining your agency’s hiring criteria is a crucial step in the recruitment process. It allows you to identify candidates whose qualifications align with your mission and client needs.

Your job listing is the first thing potential caretaker hires see and will give them their initial impression of your business. Carefully crafting your ad to clearly articulate your agency’s values and goals will attract candidates who can relate to these goals.

Sharing your mission statement and stating that your agency’s priority is to make a difference in each client’s life resonates with Millennial applicants who seek meaning and fulfillment in their work. Recruiting from this group is an excellent way to find long-term, quality caregivers for your home care agency.

  1. Tracking Your Hiring Process

When potential caregiver candidates apply to your agency, they’re giving you a first impression of how they perceive your business. This is a critical time to make sure you’re creating job listings that give a good first impression and attracting best-fit applicants.

If an applicant feels like they’re not receiving a timely response from you during the hiring process, they may be turned off from your agency. This can lead to a high turnover rate.

Home care agencies should always take the time to streamline their operations and set goals for their hiring funnel. This helps them reduce their time to hire and find top caregivers that want to stay at your agency for the long haul. For more information about setting goals for your hiring funnel, speak with a Hireology expert today! Schedule a discovery call to learn how you can streamline your entire operation on a single platform. Hireology’s powerful all-in-one software can help you hire more effectively than ever.

  1. Tracking Your Orientation & Onboarding Process

Putting new hires through a well-organized and comprehensive orientation and onboarding process can dramatically affect your agency’s hiring decisions. This includes pre-screening, ensuring a good fit with the job by addressing experience levels, previous work and licensing history, and weeding out applicants who aren’t a match for your home care agency’s client/patient needs.

This step is critical, as it ensures your caregivers receive the information and tools they need to begin their work, making them feel confident, supported, and valued from day one. It also addresses a wide range of topics such as internal processes, systems log-ins and passwords, health and safety requirements, and the unspoken rules of your agency’s culture and values.

Using a configurable applicant portal with digital onboarding helps make this process even more efficient by allowing new hires to automatically have their documents filled out, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors. This can help to speed up the integration of your new hires, and also improve communication between your agency and new hires.caregiver agency hiring

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