Explosion Proof Electric Actuator 3 Way Ball Valve

Explosion proof electric actuators are used in applications where a flammable or explosive environment exists. They operate via an external SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switch, which when energized, creates torque that cycles the valve to open or close.

These actuators are also available with spring return failsafe options for applications requiring a backup in the event of power or signal loss. Read on to learn more about these features and more.

Electric actuators are powered by electrical signals and converted into mechanical torque to open or close the valve. They are designed to meet explosion-proof standards and provide a safe solution for environments where flammable gases might be present.

Electric actuated ball valves have a round opening that passes fluid along its entire circumference compared to an oblong-shaped opening of an electric butterfly valve. This reduces the pressure drop across the valve, allowing for greater flow rates and easier control.

Our WE and XE Series explosion proof electric actuators are specifically designed to operate small size ball valves (2″ and below), dampers, and other quarter-turn devices. The compact design makes them ideal for applications where space is limited. With remote operation, visual valve position indication, manual override and IP68 rating, they make the perfect choice for a wide range of applications and industries! They can also be fully automated to minimize labor costs and production risk.

For applications where you have a flammable process fluid and need the added protection offered by explosion proof ball valves. The fire safe electric actuator option uses a motor that when supplied with power produces the torque to cycle the valve. This is accomplished by connecting the motor to a gear train that in turn connects to the stem of the valve.

These are ideal for moderate-cycle applications that require a failsafe in case of loss of compressed air or power. They operate in a double-acting configuration until the actuator fails or is turned off, then springs engage automatically to return the valve to its original position.

These use a DC motor to drive a gear train to open and close the valve. They have the ability to be configured as an ON/OFF or regulation type, utilizing a 4-20mA current signal or 0-5VDC voltage input and are available with intelligent control options. They are used to control 0°-270° turn butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and dampers.

The explosion proof electric actuator 3 way ball valve can be operated by using a power signal to control its opening and closing. It can also accept a 4-20mA signal to control its internal operation for proportional regulation. It has many other features, including visual valve position indication, manual operation, simple connection, and IP68 rating.

The WE and XE series electric actuators are designed for use with small size ball valves (2″ or less), dampers, and similar quarter-turn operating devices. These actuators are explosion-proof, CSA approved, and feature thermal overload protection and permanently lubricated gear train.

This explosion proof electric actuator can be used in a variety of dangerous applications. It is made with stainless steel and meets all the necessary standards for a safe and reliable solution. It is easy to install, and can be controlled remotely to minimize labor costs. It can also be mounted on a flanged surface, making it suitable for many different industrial applications.

Explosion Proof Electric Actuator 3 Way Ball Valve is designed to control liquids and gasses that are flammable and explosive in a variety of industrial settings. The outer casing is made of fireproof and explosion-proof materials that can withstand external explosion shock waves, while the internal motor and electrical control system use specially designed components that prevent electric sparks from being generated within the circuit.

The explosion-proof electric actuator can be configured to operate a single or double-acting valve. In either case, the actuator’s inner pistons move in two directions to rotate an external pinion connected to the valve stem. This rotates the valve to its open or closed position and is controlled by an external SPDT switch.

For applications where access to pressurized air isn’t available, the explosion-proof electric actuator is an excellent alternative. These actuators have faster cycle times than their pneumatic counterparts and are more durable in high-flow applications to prevent water hammer (when the valve is rapidly stopped and started). They also feature visual and electrical valve positioning indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosures.

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