Hair Dryer With Diffuser

A hair dryer with diffuser is a game-changer for wavy and curly hair textures. Diffusing your hair allows waves and curls to set naturally, resulting in voluminous, bouncy locks. Look for a hair diffuser that has small holes or vents to provide even air flow. Fitzsimons loves the DevaCurl diffuser with its deep bowl and elongated prongs that work well for thicker hair. Reduces Frizz Unlike regular blow dryers, which can change your curl pattern and leave your hair frizzy, a diffuser can help you maintain your natural wave or curl shape. It also helps reduce frizz by minimizing the disruption of your hair’s cuticle. If you have curly hair, a diffuser is a must-have for styling. However, it’s important to use the right techniques when diffusing your hair so that you don’t end up with a mess. Start by applying a heat protectant to your hair to prevent damage. Next, liberally spritz your hair with your favorite curl enhancing product, like the CLOUD NINE Magical Potion. Once your curls are spritzed and tamed, gently place a section of your hair into the diffuser and move it in an upward motion. Repeat this process until your entire head is dry. If you’re having trouble with your hair getting too frizzy, try using a diffuser with a deep bowl to keep the air flow focused on your wet curls. It’s also important to choose a diffuser that has small, evenly distributed holes to ensure even and diffused air flow. Decreases Damage When using a hair dryer with diffuser on a lower heat temperature setting, you can still achieve voluminous waves and curls while decreasing the amount of heat damage that can be caused by traditional blow drying methods. Heat can cause frizz, shrinkage, and dryness to the cuticles of your strands. When using a diffuser on a low heat setting, you can reduce the risks of these damaging effects by reducing how often you use a high heat styler to your mane. Before you start styling your wavy or curly mane with a diffuser, make sure it’s spritzed with a volumizing spray. You may also want to apply a heat protectant as well, if you plan on using a hair dryer with a diffuser regularly. It’s best to do this so you can prevent the damage caused by constant heat styling while your strands are trying to adjust to the new routine. This can help you avoid having to schedule regular salon treatments for repair and maintenance. Speeds Up Drying Time A hair dryer with diffuser helps you look polished for the day, without spending hours on your blow dry. Rather than pointing the dryer nozzle directly at your curls (which can cause shrinkage) a diffuser scatters the heat evenly so you don’t have to spend all day waiting for each curl to dry. This DevaCurl diffuser’s 3D prong fingers and drying vents create 360 degrees of airflow, allowing each curl to be fully dried without damaging your strands. The large design makes it easy to use and the durable construction ensures this accessory will stand up to daily wear. Whether you have loose or tight, wavy or curly hair, a diffuser is an essential tool for sophisticated and safe heat styling. Just be sure to use a heat protectant and limit the time you spend heat styling each day. Using a diffuser regularly will help prevent hair damage and breakage, so you can keep your natural curl pattern and volume for longer. Adds Volume If you have wavy or curly hair, using a diffuser is essential to prevent heat damage and uphold the healthy texture of your mane. Unlike traditional hair-drying methods, a diffuser scatters the hot air in all directions, stretching strands to create a bolder blow dry without shrinkage. Diffusers also add volume to your curls, especially if you scrunch them upside down while they’re drying. It’s a trick that girls with curly hair swear by, because it makes their waves light and bouncier than they would be if they were simply scrunched flat. The best hair diffusers are specifically designed to work with wavy and curly hair. Take this sleek, green diffuser from DevaCurl, for example: It looks like a funky green hand that might gently tousle your curls as they’re drying—and, when used correctly, can achieve a professional-looking blow-out that’s salon-worthy without the damaging effects of heat styling.

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