League of Legends Lecture

League of Legends is a video game with millions of players, a complex competitive ranked system, and an ever-growing roster of champions to explore. It’s also a time sink that’s often used as a way to blow off steam after a long day of school or work. Large skill growth and competitive level play require a mindset that’s similar to reaching the top of any sport or academic endeavor. Learn 3 critical aspects of this mentality from NicoThePico, an EU LCS coach. 1. Learn the Basics League of Legends is one of the biggest eSports games out there, and it’s also one of the most complex. There’s a lot to learn, from how to play your role and the champions in that role, to the current meta and what strategies will help you win. Typically matches last 30 to 45 minutes, and you should only start a game when you can stay at your computer for the duration. Taking breaks or checking your phone during a match can lead to mistakes that cost you the game. Also, make sure you have a gaming PC that can run the game without lag. It can be a pain to deal with lag when you’re trying to learn. The best way to avoid it is to play on a friend’s account or use a game-streaming service. Streaming services often have a chat function where you can ask your friends questions as the game plays. 2. Learn Your Character One of the most important things a new player needs to learn is how to control their champion. This means mastering the skills and abilities that allow them to last-hit enemy minions for gold, a crucial part of the game’s gameplay. While it is possible to learn League of Legends on your own, many players find the help of an experienced mentor helpful. Whether it be a fellow player or an online coach, these resources can make the difference between winning and losing. League of Legends Lecture offers coaching services that teach players how to control their champion, improve micro and macro gameplay, and rank higher in the competitive eSports scene. During lessons, coaches play in lane with the player and provide commentary that is applicable to their skill level. Each lesson lasts an hour, which at the newbie stage allows for two games and a discussion period. This method of teaching is useful for allowing newbies to progress quickly without overworking themselves. 3. Practice Makes Perfect We’ve all heard this cliche, and it’s definitely true that to master any skill (whether it be League of Legends or tennis or classical music) you must practice. The question isn’t just how much you practice, but rather how efficiently and effectively you do so. There are some incredible techniques that modern science and performance psychology have produced for this very purpose, and these principles can be applied to your League playing as well as to any other pursuit in which you want to achieve greatness. The most important part of any practice routine is that it be consistent and uninterrupted. 롤대리

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