Metric Fender Washers

Metric fender washers are a type of flat washer with a larger outer diameter than general purpose flat washers. They are used on oversized holes to distribute the load of a fastener over a wider area.

They can also be used to secure fasteners in corroded parts because they create a solid surface for the fastener’s head to catch on. This protects the corroded part from damage or wear by distributing the load across a wide surface area.


A fender washer is a flat washer that has a proportionally larger outer diameter than the inner diameter. They are used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener during tightening, and they also protect surfaces from damage.

They are commonly used for sheet metal applications, but are also useful in plumbing and electrical work. Their large outer diameter allows them to cover oversized holes that may be a result of corrosion or wear.

The outside diameter of these washers is typically twice the nominal size of the screw with which they are mated. These washers have a metric size in the center hole, which is matched to the fastener’s head size (see photos for specific sizes).

These washers are made of a thin gauge metal and provide a smooth bearing surface that protects surfaces from damage. They also prevent corrosion between an aluminum surface and a steel screw.


Unlike flat washers, metric fender washers have a larger outer diameter that helps spread load over a greater surface area. This makes them useful in covering oversized holes that might be caused by corrosion or wear.

They also offer a more uniform bearing surface than a standard flat washer. This allows for better distribution of force during tightening, and helps prevent pull-through of nuts or bolts.

The material of metric fender washers is generally thinner than most flat washers, and often zinc plated. Zinc-plated fender washers provide moderate corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel fender washers are also available, with optimal corrosion resistance, strength and durability. They are a great choice for damp environments, and are popular across a variety of industries.


A metric fender washer has a larger outside diameter than standard flat washers, usually about three times the nominal size of the screw that it fits. This creates a greater bearing surface for whatever load the fastener is holding up and helps to distribute force during tightening.

These are also commonly used to connect a bolt head or nut to a hole that has been enlarged by rust or damage. Because they are a bit thicker than standard flat washers, they can be placed over the pilot hole to allow the fastener’s head to catch on it without contact with the corroded or damaged part.

These are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes to suit a wide range of applications. Choose hardened steel for high strength and stainless steel or brass for damp environments. Some also include a countersunk option.


Fender washers are an oversized flat washer that can be placed under the head of a nut or bolt to help distribute forces applied during tightening. They are often used in sheet metal, plumbing and electrical applications because they offer a larger bearing surface than standard washers.

The fender washer’s main function is to increase the bearing surface of a bolt or nut to increase the strength and durability of the assembly. It also helps to evenly distribute the force during tightening, which is especially useful when securing thin or soft materials.

Typical applications include mounting fenders in automobiles, and attaching signage and panels. Stainless steel is the material of choice because it offers the most corrosion resistance, while zinc-plated fender washers have moderate protection against corrosion. Metric fender washers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the standard 1/4 fender washer to the larger 3/8 fender washer.

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