Minimalist Baby Registry – How to Create a Minimalist Baby Registry

Minimalist baby registry is a great way to streamline the items you want your family and friends to gift. The goal of a minimalist baby registry is to only ask for items that you will use, love and need.

Most experts recommend getting your registry started by about 12 weeks into pregnancy – but feel free to start earlier! This will give you time to ponder each item on your list to make sure it truly deserves a spot.

You will most likely receive many cute clothes and bibs as gifts regardless of whether you put them on your baby registry or not, but a few things that are essential for the first few months include bodysuits (I lived in these with my kids), footsie PJs, and a few warm hoodies. Also, don’t forget about blankets! Babies are always cold and they need lots of snuggles. Another item that’s good to have is a wearable blanket, like a kangaroo pouch or sling, which can be used after your baby outgrows their swaddle and before it’s safe for them to go in the crib.

Other important items include a good crib mattress and car seat. Look for cribs that convert to toddler beds and car seats that are convertible from infant to toddler. If you are planning to breastfeed, a good pump is also a must. I’m a huge fan of the Elvie breast pump, which is so compact and easy to use that you can wear it inside of your bra!

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