Online Dating Photography – How to Better Connect With Potential Matches

Online dating photography helps potential matches better connect with you by showing them who you really are. Lucy uses tried and true portrait photography techniques to capture you at your most natural, relaxed, and happy.

Your photos should include one primary headshot and two pictures of you doing something fun or a hobby you enjoy. You want your photos to look casual and natural, like a buddy snapped them.

When it comes to online dating photography, headshots are king. They’re the first thing potential dates see and the biggest determining factor whether they’ll engage or pass on your profile.

When you get a great headshot done by a professional, it will show that you’re invested in finding a partner and want to make sure your profile pictures are high quality (as opposed to the blurry selfies that most people use on their smartphones).

The ideal dating headshot shows a full ratio of your face and upper torso and includes a smile. A smiling face is a universal sign of approachability and is sure to elicit a positive response from your potential matches.
Full Body Shots

When it comes to full body shots, the most flattering photos are often ones that showcase your body in a natural and authentic way. This can include action shots such as you hiking or camping or simply standing in a natural environment.

This type of portrait allows potential matches to see that you are active and have a healthy lifestyle. It also sends a message that you love nature and the outdoors.

It is a good idea to include one full body shot and two headshots in your online dating profile. It is also important to vary the locations and poses that you use for your photos. This will ensure that you have a range of different photos for your profile to help increase your chances of getting more swipes and likes from potential matches.
Creative Shots

If you are feeling adventurous, try a few creative shots that give people a peek into your personality. For example, you could hold your favorite book, pose with a pet or even playfully wave a paintbrush towards the camera. These photos show that you’re a fun person who enjoys life.

It’s important to remember that potential matches have a limited amount of time when browsing your profile. Make sure that your photos communicate who you are without too much text.

If possible, try to shoot the majority of your dating photos outside in natural lighting. The best time of day to do this is at either sunrise or sunset (known as the “golden hour”).
Natural Light

When it comes to online dating photography, we like to use natural light whenever possible. Unlike the direct lighting of a ring light, natural light is soft and diffused, which creates a more flattering look for men and women.

Additionally, natural light can add a sense of mood to a photo. A stormy sky can add drama and depth to an image, while a misty day can produce a soft and serene quality.

In the hands of an experienced dating photographer, using natural light can help you convey your personality and beauty in a way that’s both authentic and timeless. Whether you’re on Christian Mingle or eharmony, photos that show your best self can make all the difference in connecting with your matches. Schedule an appointment with a professional online dating photographer today!

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