Personal Training Apps

If you’re looking for a workout app to boost your motivation and take your fitness to the next level, try Future. The app pairs you with a trainer who will create a personalized fitness plan and provide one-on-one support.

PT Minder makes it easy for personal trainers to keep track of their clients — bookings, payments and progress tracking all in one place. Plus, clients can stay on track with their workouts using the app’s built-in workout classes.


For those who don’t want to commit to a live trainer or can’t afford one, personal training apps like Aaptiv offer audio-guided workouts. They match clients with a trainer who creates a collection of workout plans for them. These might include HIIT, Pilates, dumbbell strength training, cardio and more.

Some apps, such as Yazio calorie-counting app, are designed for nutritionists and personal trainers. They help clients track daily caloric intake, monitor their health and fitness goals and set nutrition targets.

Fitness apps such as Trainerize offer a variety of features for fitness coaches to use with their clients. They allow them to create exercise programs, add notes and track client progress all in one place. They also enable them to send the programs to clients via email or text message. These tools can be helpful to help increase engagement and retention. They can also help trainers increase their client base.


The best personal training apps bring workouts and fitness guidance straight to the client, avoiding the need for pricey gym memberships or equipment. Apps like PT Minder and Practice Better offer a range of services, including appointment reminders, scheduling, tracking progress and messaging. They also offer a built-in transaction system so trainers can manage their payments through the app.

Other app options for personal trainers include WellnessLiving, which allows users to see class timetables and the availability of instructors. It also allows clients to share the app on social media, making it a great marketing tool for wellness studios and personal training businesses.

Another standout option is Nudge for Coaches, which provides coaches with the tools they need to keep their clients engaged and motivated. This includes fitness challenges, a customizable macro tracker and an integrated food journal that helps clients stay on-track with their nutrition goals. The app also includes a chat feature that allows coaches and clients to communicate directly.


Some of the top personal training apps provide a messaging feature, allowing trainers and clients to communicate with each other. This helps keep clients involved, motivated and on-track with their workouts, nutrition plans and other goals.

Other apps offer a more comprehensive fitness management solution with features such as graphical progress tracking and the ability to create diet logs based on food databases with nutritional data for thousands of foods. With these tools, fitness professionals can make personalized recommendations to clients based on what has worked in the past.

Another popular option is the app Total Coaching, which offers a full suite of tools for online personal training. This includes workouts, client progress tracking and goal setting as well as the ability to generate custom questionnaires and track client payments with ease. It also provides an online store for the sale of any classes, programs or other digital products you may be offering as a fitness coach.


With a personal training app, clients can schedule sessions themselves seamlessly. They can also book recurring appointments with ease. This saves a lot of time for busy trainers who have a large number of clients to attend to.

Clients can cancel or amend their booking with the help of an automated email or text notification. This helps to reduce no-shows and missed appointments. Moreover, trainers can also get informed about new bookings or changes to existing ones.

The software also lets users add a ‘Book Now’ button on their website or Facebook page, to turn online visitors into potential clients. They can also accept payment for their sessions with a variety of methods. Additionally, they can even track progress with the help of a built-in client portal. The platform offers fillable forms and waivers that can be downloaded as PDFs. The software also enables them to manage their client database and automate marketing campaigns for maximum business growth.

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