Private Islands Near Cartagena

Relax on a pristine private island near Cartagena with a beach club next door! This secluded tropical paradise is the perfect fusion of nature, privacy and service.

It’s the kind of tropical vacation most people envision when visiting Cartagena – palm trees, bright blue Caribbean waters and sandy beaches.
Isla Baru

Isla Baru, along with its famous beach Playa Blanca, is the place to go for those dreamy photos of white sand beaches and crystal clear water that will make all your friends jealous. It’s part of the Rosario Islands archipelago and is located about one hour away from Cartagena center.

Despite its popularity, it’s still a fairly quiet island with lots of spots to lay back and relax on the beach. It’s also a great spot for those who want to get a bit more active and try kayaking through the mangroves, which are surprisingly tight and fun.

There are a number of beach clubs on the island, where you can spend the day for around 70,000 COP (around USD 35) – though many people choose to stay at one of the more luxe hotels on the island, such as Bora Bora. These offer more of a four-poster experience, with VIP packages including a bed for the day and a cocktail included!
Isla San Bernardo

If you are looking for a private island to escape the crowds, look no further than Isla San Bernardo. This archipelago south of Cartagena doesn’t often make it onto foreigners’ itineraries, which means you can enjoy a tropical paradise without the usual gringo-crowded beaches.

The water here is crystal clear and calm, which makes it perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The sand on the island is white and soft, and there are plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks to relax in. You can also book a massage or try out one of the many water sports.

Get there by booking a group catamaran tour from Cartagena. Set sail during golden hour and enjoy the views along the way as you sip beverages and snacks. Then, spend a day on the beach on Isla Mucura or Isla Palma and jump into the water to practice your snorkeling skills. Return to the yacht at sunset for drinks and dinner.
Isla de la Pirata

Isla de la Pirata, a mermaid-shaped island in the Rosario Islands, is one of 30 islands and a natural national park that lie a short boat ride from Cartagena. This high-end private island is the perfect spot to relax and scuba dive amongst schools of tropical fish. You can also enjoy a meal prepared by your personal chef and explore the local eco-system.

Guests of this luxury hotel can choose to stay in one of the many villas or bungalows that are scattered throughout the island. The resort is located close to Bendita Beach and offers several activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming in the crystalline waters.

The best time to go to Isla de la Pirata is during the day when there are fewer boats around. It is also a popular destination for those who want to take a bioluminescent plankton tour. If you’re planning to visit this private island, be sure to contact Aymeric. He can help you find the right boat tour to fit your budget and travel needs.
Tierra Bomba Island

An earthly paradise, Tierra Bomba Island is a rough diamond just a 10-minute boat ride from Cartagena. Its sand is as white as sugar and the views of the city skyline are stunning.

Unlike the other islands in the Rosario archipelago, Tierra Bomba is conveniently close to Cartagena, and that means it’s a popular destination for day trips at weekends. You’ll find plenty of beach clubs that sell day passes for transport, lunch and loungers by the sea – just tell the captain where you want to go.

Blue Apple’s founder, Hart, is passionate about conservation and social impact, so she started a community project in 2017 to recycle the hotel’s glass waste. The team crushes the bottles on property and then turns them into restaurant glassware or mortar for the walls of new buildings. They also work with locals to see if indigenous cultural practices can eventually be brought back to the village. All of which makes for a truly sustainable stay.Cartagena Private Islands

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