Tag Heuer Repair

tag heuer repair watches are known for their luxury, style and sporty look. Just like all watches though they will need repair work over time.

Many people bring their watches to local repair shops for service. In most cases this is considered unauthorized repair work and voids the watch warranty.

Crystal Replacement

The crystal, also known as the glass or face of a watch is an important part of both the look and function of the timepiece. It protects the watch from dust, dirt, moisture and other external forces that can damage the movement or cause rusting. The crystal can be made of acrylic, mineral glass, sapphire or a hybrid combination.

Professional watchmakers use a special jig to precisely position the crystal when replacing it. The jig has multiple concentric steps and the lift fingers rest on the step that matches the size of the crystal. Once the crystal is positioned in the jig the watchmaker gently tightens it to secure it in place.

Prestige, performance and avant-garde technology have always been the cornerstones of luxury watch brand TAG Heuer’s philosophy since 1860. Like any high-precision watch, Tag Heuer watches need regular servicing to maintain their functionality and beauty. It is recommended that mechanical watches are serviced every 4 to 5 years and quartz watches should be serviced as soon as they stop working.

Crown & Stem Work

Over time the crown and stem in your watch can become worn or damaged. The knob on the side of your watch is called the crown and the little stick that holds it together is known as the stem. These two parts work together to let you set the time on your watch.

Once the watchmaker has gotten a replacement for your specific model of crown and stem, he or she will put the new components into place. A plier or pin vise may be used to help the process along. The watchmaker will cut a little off the stem, file it and then replace it to check that it fits the movement and watch case perfectly.

This may take a few tries to get it just right. Then, the crown and stem will be glued to the watch case using special glue. After that, the watchmaker will test and lubricate the watch movement to ensure it is working as it should.

Case & Bracelet Work

Every Tag Heuer watch is fitted with sapphire crystal glass. This hardy material adds to the robustness of a Tag Heuer watch and helps to protect its intricate details from damage. This is one of the telltale signs that a watch is genuine. If the glass is not sapphire, it is likely a fake.

Just like any other precision instrument, a Tag Heuer requires routine servicing to ensure it remains in peak working condition. A complete service involves dismantling the case, crown and stem, running all parts through a state of the art cleaning machine and then reassembling the movement with fresh lubrication.

During the service process, any scratches or blemishes on the case and bracelet are carefully removed and polished. The result is that a Tag Heuer watch leaves Gray & Sons looking as close to showcase condition as possible. This is the standard we set for all of our work. This is why so many customers come back to us year after year for all their Tag Heuer needs.

Movement Repair

Having your Tag Heuer watch serviced can dramatically extend the life of your timepiece. The average watch needs to be serviced every 3 to 5 years depending on how much you wear it and what environment you wear it in.

Our expert watchmakers carefully examine each vintage and modern era TAG Heuer before preparing an estimate of what is needed to be fixed. Once you approve the estimate, the repair process begins. Our watchmakers disassemble the movement of your Tag Heuer and remove each part from it for cleaning. Each piece is ultrasonically cleaned and then carefully reassembled into the case.

Although Tag Heuer watches are not difficult to repair, it is highly recommended that you have a professional do anything beyond a basic battery change or strap swap. Working on a Tag Heuer watch yourself can be dangerous and could void your warranty. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure that you have the proper tools and knowledge first.

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