The Best Curly Hairdresser in Melbourne

Curly hair requires a special approach. A good curl specialist will listen to your goals, educate you on how to maintain and style your curls in between salon appointments and offer results that support how you want to live with your textured locks.

Here are some melbourne curl hairdressers that really know their stuff:
Pirie Street Hair

Anyone with curls, waves or texture knows it can be hard to find a salon that really understands your mane. Luckily, there are many Gina approved salons that do just that!

Jess is a true curly hair specialist who loves helping her clients embrace their natural curls. She offers dry style cuts and deep conditioning treatments. She also educates her clients on how to keep their curly hair hydrated in between salon visits using curl friendly Everescents and Jessicurl products. She’s also a wizard with colouring locks!
Mousey Brown

Despite her renowned skills, Mousey Brown keeps a low profile and the fame of this Prahran salon is kept strictly through word of mouth. This is because her scissor wizardry cannot be rushed.

Using a deconstructed dry cutting method and artistic flair, she works to shape curls that compliment an individual’s features, lifestyle and personality. She is a firm believer in using and selling curl friendly products like Everescents and Jessicurl.

This Fitzroy based salon worships your curls. They offer a range of specialised curl services including consultations, dry cut hair cuts and co-wash and styling sessions.
Maiden Hair

Maiden Hair is een brievenvol boek afgesloten in het het leven van de tolk. Er zijn voortsleuteljes naar het bekende definier van Isolde en Sjisjkin, opdrachtgevers naar hun familie en vergelijkingen voor beiden, vrijwillige meeslepen, in tijdsgebiedsgeschiedenis die het leven van Isolde afwezen aan het leven of het dorp van Sjisjkin.

Het is een gevoelensd levenswerk dat erg bewonderlijk kan worden aangelesen. Bij de eerste keer die ik het boek lezen zou ik het onvolkomen vinden, maar het blijft me helemaal het woord te begrijpen. Het is een boek dat de grootst aandacht verdient.
Aoki Hair

Aoki Hair is a salon that’s all about curls and wavy hair. They offer personalized consultations, personal hair analysis, and ideas for styling your curls. The team at Aoki also offers an in-depth education on the Curly Girl Method to help you embrace your natural curls and textures.

Jenni, the lead stylist at Aoki Hair has clients who travel from all over WA to have her cut their hair. She has a true passion for her craft and takes the time to respond to each client one-on-one. She has a flair for creating shapes that compliment the face, features and personality.
Wenz Hair

Wrenn is Melbourne’s self proclaimed curl specialist, offering one on one consultations to ensure your hair goals are met. She’s all over the Curly Girl Method and loves teaching her clients how to style their kinks, coils and waves with manageable routines.

She’s a bit of a local legend, with many women clamouring for her scissor magic in the Greville Street strip. She keeps things low key, but word spreads fast about her. Ask for Neel, Melbourne’s high priest of kinks and loops, to get your look right.curly hairdresser melbourne

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