How a Locksmith Residential Can Help

Your home is where your family lives and you want to make sure it’s safe. Unfortunately, burglars can strike at any time.

Previous tenants often leave behind extra keys and it’s possible that the builder has a key as well. Residential locksmiths help you ensure that your home is secure.

Rekeying involves changing the pins inside of your lock so that a new key will fit it and any old keys will no longer work. It’s a much cheaper solution than replacing the entire lock, but still provides a high level of security for your home or business.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home and are concerned that previous owners or tenants may have a copy of your key, it’s time to call a locksmith to have the locks rekeyed. Rekeying also comes in handy when you’ve been looking to upgrade your home’s security.

A locksmith will take apart the lock cylinder and change the pins so that your old key will no longer work with it. They’ll then make you a new key that will work perfectly with the lock.

A locksmith residential is trained to work with various lock types and can help you in a variety of situations. From gaining entry when you’ve locked yourself out of the house to recommending the best form of home security, they have you covered.

It’s not uncommon to get locked out of your house if you’ve forgotten your keys or they are stolen. In either case, it’s essential to contact a residential locksmith right away so that your locks can be rekeyed or even replaced. This will ensure that the key that was lost or stolen can no longer open your door, and it will also make your home more secure. In addition, the locksmith can cut duplicate keys for you or leave a spare with a neighbor.
Keyless Entry

Using keyless entry systems, you can eliminate the need for physical keys and reduce maintenance costs. Using a push button lock, tenants and guests can enter with a unique access code. The system will keep track of who is entering the building, so that you don’t have to worry about unauthorized personnel.

Some systems come with a backlit touchscreen keypad that allows for easy entry, while others replace your existing doorknob and bolt with a low-profile smart deadbolt. Both options have some great security features, including anti-peek protection and the ability to create codes that expire after a set amount of time. The best keyless entry systems allow for easy onboarding and management from a mobile app. They can also prevent rekeying costs from being incurred when someone loses or accidentally locks their keycard or fob.
Spare Keys

A spare key can save a homeowner, business owner or car driver a lot of hassle. Having a duplicate key to use can prevent an accidental lockout, or even help you if your main key breaks or gets stuck in the lock.

If you move into a new home, it is likely that builders, electricians, plumbers and other professionals have already made copies of the key. This means that rekeying your locks can be an involved and expensive process.

Having a spare key allows a locksmith to quickly and easily cut a replacement, saving the customer both time and money. It can also make providing access to regular services such as dog walkers and cleaners much easier. These benefits can be especially useful for homeowners.
Home Security

Modern home security systems offer a range of features that make it difficult for thieves to get into your property. They include alarm and monitoring systems that can alert the police or other personnel if they detect an intruder or fire. Some even provide a way for you to communicate with someone at the monitoring station directly through a feature called 2-way talk.

In addition to burglaries, these systems can also protect your valuables from tampering, such as with a safe or tool chest, or from dangerous items like medicines or guns. They can also monitor and warn you of things such as low power, elevated carbon monoxide levels, and water leaks. They can be paired with smart-home technology to turn on lights and TVs at random or set them to come on at certain times.

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