Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags

When you’re a new mom, you’ll want to store and freeze as much breast milk as possible. But you’ll also likely encounter lots of questions about the best way to do so, including whether a glass bottle or plastic baggies are better and what to do with leftover milk after each feeding.

One option that’s quickly gaining popularity among breastfeeding and pumping moms is reusable breast milk storage bags. These are special bags made to safely store breast milk, and they’re typically pre-sterilized so you can use them right away. They’re also dishwasher-, microwave- and boiling water-safe, so you can clean them quickly and easily. Plus, most of them feature a pour spout and easy-to-seal double zipper lock to prevent leaks and spills.

Unlike disposable bags, reusable breast milk storage bags are usually made from durable materials without BPA and feature a double-zipper seal that prevents leaking. Many of them are also transparent so you can read the label, which is especially useful if you’re using them to track your pumping and breastfeeding progress. Some come with a resealable transport pouch to keep unused bags clean and organized, which is handy if you’re taking them to work or sending them with a nanny or babysitter.

You’ll also find breast milk storage bags that are able to be stacked flat in the freezer, which saves space and is handy for building up a stash. They’ll also often have a labeling area that you can use to note the number of ounces, baby’s name or date. These features are great if you’re sharing your breast milk with others or sending it to work, and they can help you avoid any confusion at feeding time!

Another benefit of reusable breast milk storage bags is that they’re generally more affordable than bottles. You can get them in bulk online or in stores, and they’re much cheaper than buying single-use bottles. Plus, they’re lightweight and compact, so they’re easy to transport in your cooler or diaper bag, which is a big bonus if you’re on the go a lot.

If you’re looking for a sustainable breast milk storage solution, silicone bags might be the best choice for you. They’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so you can sterilize them quickly and easily, and they don’t retain any residual smells, so they’re easier to keep sanitary. They’re also the easiest to reheat of any of the breast milk storage bags on this list, and they won’t leak or tear when thawed. They’re also multi-purpose, and can be used for storing yogurt, smoothies, cut fruits and veggies, and even homemade trail mix! Plus, they can last long after you’re done breastfeeding or pumping and are ready to transition into the world of solid foods. Check out our complete guide to the best reusable breast milk storage bags for more details.

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