Top IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

it disaster recovery solutions (DR) is a business continuity solution that ensures a quick recovery of IT systems in the event of an outage. This can protect your business from lost revenue and reputational damage.

DR solutions offer point-in-time backups and snapshots to keep data and workloads up-to-date. They also provide unified backup, continuous data protection, and DR failover and failback orchestration.

Arcserve UDP

The Arcserve UDP solution offers sophisticated protection with simple deployment and management. It combines physical and virtual backup with asynchronous replication to an offsite location for disaster recovery. It also provides bare metal recovery and granular file level recovery for Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

Designed to protect physical and virtual IT systems, the software features a single unified architecture with a web-based interface. UDP supports agent-based or agentless backups for Windows and Linux systems, as well as asynchronous replication to a recovery point server with built-in deduplication.

In addition to providing a streamlined management console, the product allows administrators to configure multi-tenancy environments. It also includes security features from partner Sophos to help protect backups against ransomware. Additionally, UDP 8.0 has expanded support for Nutanix and Oracle. The update enables customers to store initial backups in a deduped form on Nutanix Object Storage.

Sophos Intercept X Advanced

Sophos Intercept X Advanced is an industry-leading endpoint security solution with options for powerful extended detection and response (EDR) and managed detection and response (MDR). It also features next-generation malware protection and deep root cause analysis. Intercept X is available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

It is integrated with Sophos Central, a cloud-based management platform that simplifies deployment, monitoring, and reporting. The unified dashboard provides a single view of all security events across the network and cloud.

In independent testing, Sophos Intercept X blocks more malware and exploits than competing solutions. It also protects against a variety of techniques attackers use to escape detection. These include credential theft prevention and code cave utilization detection. Moreover, it uses machine learning to detect threats that don’t rely on signatures.


Zerto is a software-only solution that protects all workloads with best-in-class continuous data protection. It replicates data and application changes to a recovery site, either on-premises or in a VMware Engine private cloud. It enables RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes with fully-orchestrated disaster recovery.

ZERTO works at the hypervisor layer and is hardware agnostic, reducing the complexity of managing it compared to other replication solutions. It can be managed from a browser-based user interface or via a set of RESTful APIs and PowerShell cmdlets.

Zerto installs a Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) on each ESXi/Hyper-V host, which continuously replicates all IO writes to the virtual disks. These are then cloned and sent to the recovery site. It also maintains a journal at the recovery site for instant restores. This allows you to recover from logical errors such as corruption, malware attacks, and failed maintenance.


Carbonite is an online backup service that allows you to back up your files and folders directly to the cloud. The program works by analyzing your computer for personal data to automatically create backups of all your important documents, emails, and music. You can also manually select specific files and folders to back up.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access your backed-up files and restore them when needed. The software is available on both Windows and Mac OS X. Moreover, Carbonite offers unlimited backups and supports a wide range of file formats.

Currently, Carbonite has three pricing plans for individuals – Basic, Plus, and Prime. The Plus plan includes unlimited device backups, a backup of external hard drives and NAS devices, and automatic video backups. It also offers a backup of servers and HIPAA compliance.


Datto backup systems have a number of features that help companies protect themselves against data loss. These include redundant storage systems to keep backups synchronized, and advanced ransomware protection that scans and verifies backup images for any signs of infection.

Powered by cloud-based software, Datto’s solution provides business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for servers and desktops. It offers flexible recovery options, including instant virtualization, recovery to dissimilar hardware, and recovery of individual files.

It also offers centralized management for all devices, allowing MSPs to manage their clients’ infrastructure from one location. Datto’s BCDR products serve more than 5,000 MSPs internationally. Featuring the industry’s most comprehensive feature set, the company’s appliances and software are backed by a purpose-built Datto cloud with built-in global redundancy.

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