Why a Bamboo Bralette is a Must-Have For Your Activewear Wardrobe

A bralette is a must-have for your everyday wardrobe. Made with sustainable and ridiculously soft bamboo fabric, these undergarments offer a cool, comfortable fit. They are void of underwires and clasps and work well under a variety of casual tops.

If you have a larger bust size, look for bralettes with lightly padded cups and wide straps to support your shape and profile. They should also feature a built-up apexes to provide a more structured, supportive fit.


Unlike regular bras, bamboo bralettes are soft against the skin and breathable. They are perfect for women who prefer a lightweight undergarment that is comfortable to wear all day long. They are also available in many styles and colors, which means you can find the perfect bra to match your wardrobe.

Moreover, the fabric of these bras is resistant to bacteria, which makes it healthier for your body. This makes it a great choice for people who sweat a lot or have sensitive skin. It can even be washed at lower temperatures than other fabrics.

It is also a good option for pregnant and breastfeeding women because it can accommodate the changing size of their breasts. It is also soft and stretchy, making it suitable for women with small to medium-sized breasts. Its softness also makes it more comfortable to wear with loose shirts. Its seam free design also eliminates any pinching or digging of the skin.


Bamboo bralettes are a great eco-friendly addition to your activewear wardrobe. They’re soft, breathable, and comfortable for all day wear. They also provide support for your workouts or hikes. Some brands have even gone the extra mile to use zero-waste production methods. For example, Everlane’s Essential Bamboo Bralette uses fabric offcuts and regenerated nylon from recycled water bottles.

Another good option is a sustainable bralette from Girlfriend Collective, a cult-favorite in the activewear industry. Their sustainable bralette and undergarments are made with ECONYL, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. They’re also dyed using bluesign-approved dyes.

If you want to shop for a sustainable bralette, look for certifications from OEKO-TEX, Ecocert, and SGS to avoid greenwashing. These certifications ensure that the product is not toxic to your skin. Some eco-friendly brands use lyocell, which is made from organically-grown bamboo pulp and requires less chemical processing. This material is also biodegradable and compostable. Other brands may also use sustainable modal or viscose, which is made from recycled polyester fibers and cotton.


A bamboo bralette is a comfortable and breathable option for any workout. Unlike a regular bra, it does not contain wires, so you can move freely without feeling constricted. This type of bra is ideal for hot climates and works well with athletic wear. Moreover, it is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

This reversible sports bra is made from sustainably harvested bamboo and organic cotton jersey with picot edge elastic. Its ribbed fabric is super soft and provides comfort during yoga or Pilates classes. The thick chest band also provides medium support, and the seamless finish gives a minimalist look.

This bra is suitable for most cup sizes and has an easy-to-wear pullover design. It can be worn as a racerback or scoop neck, and it is also reversible to provide a crossover v-neck effect. The fabric is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, which means that no harmful chemicals have been used in its production. This bra also includes adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye fastening.


Whether you’re looking for more lift or support, a bamboo bralette can give you the boost you need. It’s designed to be firmer and tighter than traditional bras but stretches to accommodate breast sizes while offering a natural silhouette underneath a range of tops. And it’s a great option for nursing moms because of its ability to stretch and accommodate changing hormone levels.

This sustainable bamboo sports bra is a must-have for your workout wardrobe. It offers medium support and features a thick chest band for comfort. You can wear it with a v-neck or scoop neck top for a sleek look and a comfortable feel.

The reversible Avocado Andie bra is another bamboo bralette that offers a reversible racerback and scoop back. It is a high-quality bra made with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 fabric and soft padded cups. This bralette is breathable, antibacterial, and perfect for everyday wear. It’s also suitable for larger busts and has wide straps to keep them in place.

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